About us

By the founder of our company Ahmet Akkaya started in 1985 in Sultanhamam as AKHOME TEXTILE LTD.STI, as an exporter of high added-value home textile for the most discerning markets. We are acknowledged by ensuring products made with the highest standards supported by a quality assurance system that sustainably incorporates continuous improvements in our processes, thus benefiting both, our customers and staff.

We specialize in supplying our customers with a “Full Package” program of knitted apparel products. Our service starts with product development and ends with the finishing of the home textile products. To ensure quality in our diverse production processes we count on a qualified and multidisciplinary team of professionals who receive consistent training and that is committed to meeting the requirements of our customers with a dedicated commercial support.

Quality, Confidence, Stability

Our Vision

To be an innovative, vertically-integrated textile company with diverse and high quality textile products, that works with enough flexibility to serve high-end market segments with designs and collections. Be a company led by a culture of operational excellence that offers a prompt response, and top-quality service to our customers thanks to our highly trained and motivated staff which allow us to grow with sustained profitability.

Our Mission

We are a textile company with diversified and vertically-integrated lines of business, working to meet the quality standards of our customers by using our innovative and service-oriented capacity that is flexible enough to produce differentiated products.
We have a team of experts who are identified with and committed to the company, and who promote the development of their skills.
Our operations are aimed at the achievement of profitability in sustainable growth, while promoting social and environmental responsibility.


“Everybody is respected and valued in the company, therefore we comply with the rules and internal policies that ensures a good working environment”


“We strive for comprehensive quality in our employees, processes and products in accordance with current market demands and globalization”


“We are open to change, we seek continuous improvement and competitive differentiation stemming from research, analysis, and creativity”

Team Work

“We offer to our team members our confidence, talent and enthusiasm so that they can achieve common objectives with superior results”


“We are committed to the rational and responsible use of resources, and the creation of products that enhance the quality of life of our employees, customers, and society, while caring for the environment, achieving economic growth, and gaining competitiveness in our Company”

Our Story

For your comfort and health we used the best materials with our best workmanship.

We used first quality silicone in our pillows and quilts which are washable. 

All of our products, woven by 100% pure cotton yarn and enviroment products. 

There is no harmful materials for humans body. 

Worldwide Delivery

We are exporting and producing our sleep sets, quilt cover sets, quilts ,pillows etc. almost all parts of world.

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